Essie To Buy or Not to Buy + Nail Art

Hey everyone!

I have a quick bit of nail art to share with you today. I recently saw Essie To Buy or Not To Buy in Target and quickly fell in love with the blue shimmer it had. Sadly, that didn't translate on the nail at all. It is a pretty pastel purple shade though!

I added some stamping with Kleancolor Metallic Purple. I like how this came out but the Kleancolor took forever to dry, which led to some streaking! I have heard this about Kleancolors before but I figured stamping wouldn't be that big of a deal. Guess I was wrong! 

Have you guys tried stamping with the Kleancolor Metallics before?
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  1. This is amazing, even with streaks! I can't stop scrolling up to look some more!

  2. I love it! What plate did you use for the stamp?

    1. It was a Konad Plate M63...but there are cheaper dupes out there. ;)

  3. WHY do people know how to stamp so well?? This is a beautiful mani!! <3

  4. i love it! i'm a horrible stamper. you're great!

  5. I haven't tried stamping with kleancolor before. I'm bummed it streaked on you. This is such a pretty mani despite the blue not showing up like you hoped it would.

  6. This looks really pretty! Even though the essie colour didn't transfer as much as you wanted, I think it looks really good!

  7. Thanks! Stamping takes practice for sure!


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