Zoya Natty + Hit Polish Nautical Nonsense

Hey everyone!

I scheduled this post for today since I knew I was gonna be a little more busy. I didn't want to skip a day since I have got so much to show you! It's kind of ridiculous how many untrieds I have right now. But I'm sure some of you know how that goes. ;)

I have another polish from Hit Polish (previously D & R Apothecary) called Nautical Nonsense. Cute name and it totally makes me think of boats and sailing. I did about one coat and placed a few glitters where I wanted them to get this coverage. I layered this over Zoya Natty and was very pleased with how this combo turned out.

This isn't your typical glitter combination but it works! That's why I love Hit polishes because there is such a wide variety of glitters that make me push my comfort zone and fall in love with combos I would have never thought of before.

Rachel puts out new stuff pretty much every week! I love it. haha She seriously has a ton of polish to choose from. She recently had a sale, so her stock is a lot lower than normal, but be sure to check back because it won't be long before there are more pretties available!

What do you ladies think of Nautical Nonsense? Would you wear it?

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  1. The glitter is great, and I love the name! So cute :)

  2. What a cute glitter! And it looks great over Natty :}

  3. Untrieds? I might be familiar with that concept. :)

    This is such a fun glitter!


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