Born Pretty Store Blue Matte + Glitter Frames

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It's a late post for me today. I took a chunk out of my afternoon to get caught up on some sleep after my 1 1/2 year old kept me up half the night. Gotta love 'em. :)

I previously used these glitters from Born Pretty Store in *this* mani. This time, I used them on a matching blue matte polish also from Born Pretty. I used a toothpick and little dabs of base coat to apply the glitter. It was a bit of a challenge not letting the base coat ruin the matte finish anywhere the glitter wasn't covering but I am proud to say that it worked out quite nicely! I really like the contrast between the matte and glitter finishes.

I took more pics than normal to try and capture the dimension that the 2 finishes give to the overall look. Also, this blue matte is the best matte formula I have worked with! Like other mattes, you do have to work faster when applying. But unlike other mattes that dry with an imperfect finish, this one evens out to a perfectly smooth surface as it dries! So impressed.

So what do you think about this nail art look?

You can find the glitter and polish I used *here* and  *here*. AND don't forget about my 10% off coupon code when you order: AJ10W21! :)
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