Mod Stamping

I doubt many of you will actually read this tonight since you are all out having lives, but since I am a boring married person, this is what I'm doing on my Friday night! haha

Just a quick post today. The base for this look is from Born Pretty and it's a pretty kelly green creme. I am pretty sure I have nothing else this exact shade in my collection. Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of this on it's own.

For stamping, I am pretty sure this design comes from one of the plates at You Mix Cosmetics, but I can't remember. ;) This reminds me of the 60's...what about you? Like I can see these nails being turned into a dress back then and it would be all the rage. haha But I have seen lots of kelly green skinny jeans popping up lately, so maybe they can count as trendy now too!

PS. If you like this polish, you can buy it *here*. You can also use code AJ10W21 for an extra 10% off.

Thank you for reading! You guys are the reason blogging is so much fun!
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  1. I'm not married but I also have no life on Friday nights lol! I love this! Very 60's, very mod!!!!

  2. This is adorable!! It's Saturday morning/afternoon in Singapore now so I'm happily reading this!

  3. That mani is almost retro :D I like it. Have a great weekend. :)

  4. I totally agree! Married life = sitting at home, watching tv and painting my nails. LOL, oh well, I guess its time to quit spending money at the bar...cuz that means more money to spend on nail art!! Woohoo! Love the mani-looks amazing!

  5. This one looks great, the green polish is wonderful!

  6. Love it, black and white would look amazing also!!


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